Blue Fyre is probably the most
popular character in the book
written for young readers. Once
kids read the story, however,
they may decide that they like
Scooter the best but until then,
Blue Fyre is the obvious
winner. He is a good
counter-balance to the
sweetness of the chocolate chip
cookies that the boys are so
famous for baking. And when
he meets Queen Elizabeth II,
that's when things get exciting
in the story, and her life is
never the same, and neither is
his. He still remembers torching
Windsor Castle, and looks
forward to doing it again,
especially if he can torch St.
George's Chapel.
HRK is the beloved red-haired cat in the story and he has a round white spot on the top
of his feline head. He loves the smell of the chocolate chip cookies that the boys makes,
and always looks forward to Cookie Making Day. When he wakes up in the morning, he
always enjoys a bowl full of milk that Scooter feeds him, along with his breakfast. Once
Queen Elizabeth takes him to Windsor Castle, he is fed just as well, but obviously is not
loved by the Queen's staff like he was by the little boys in the castle.
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