hours a day!

Did you write Harry Potter? No, I didn't, but I wish I had!

Where did you get the idea for writing HRK? One night during my sleep I woke up  
thinking about my cat
Annecy who had passed away, and I then began thinking about the
Queen of England. Soon the two thoughts came together, thus forming the basis for a
book about a cat that saves the English throne.

Where did you get the idea for Blue Fyre? I got the idea for Blue Fyre from the1992
fire at Windsor Castle. Instead of having an ordinary fire burn the castle in the story, I
decided to give life to the fire and make him a character.

Why does Blue Fyre hate the Queen of England? It's a little complicated. The Queen
is head of the Order of the Garter, the oldest Order of Chivalry in England. On the
Order's badge (emblem) is a picture of St. George killing the dragon. In my book, St.
George kills the dragon where Blue Fyre lives. When the dragon dies, Blue Fyre loses his
home so he hates the Queen because she's the head of the Order that honors the man who
killed his dragon.

Is there a Green Fyre? That's a good question.

Where does the Blue World come from? That's another good question.

What are the last names of the little boys in the castle? You'll be surprised!

Can you tell us the first letter of their last names? Sorry.

Will you tell me the recipe for the boys' chocolate chip cookies? No, but I wish I

Will your book be made into a movie? I hope so! One of the biggest compliments I
ever got was from a topknotch photojournalist who works for an award-winning TV
station. He said that when he read HRK, he felt like he was watching a movie. Coming
from him, that was the ultimate compliment. My first choice for a director would be Danny
Boyle who directed the spectacular movie, "Millions." If you haven't seen it yet, put it at
the top of your list of movies to see. It'll knock your socks off.

Will your book be made into a video game? If it's successful, probably. A fifth grade
boy has already told me he can make an HRK video game for me.

When will your book be published? It's very hard to get published. Even J.K. Rowling
was rejected! It's interesting to note that an editor named
John Kenney rejected Harry
Potter, and guess what? He's no longer an editor, and I'm not surprised. He said in the
New York Times that he doesn't regret rejecting Harry Potter, but I don't believe him. Do

Who will illustrate your book? It's a chapter book so there will be no illustrations unless
the publisher decides to illustrate it.

How many chapters are in your book? Twenty-one.

How big is your book? It clocks in at 249 pages.

Who is going to make the cover for your book? The publisher will hire someone to
design the cover.

Can you show us your book? No, it's on my computer.

How much will your book cost? Probably around $20.

Will you give me a free copy of your book? No. I wish I could but I can't.

Will your book be in our school library? Yes, it will be.

How do you make a Web site? You need software but it's not that hard. For everything
you need to know to build a site,
visit this site.

Will you still be a substitute teacher when a publisher buys your book? Yes, but
only on a limited basis. I will then become a full-time author if my book is successful.

Are you going to be rich? I hope so!

Will you buy me an SUV? No!

Can I have your autograph? Of course you can!