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"How do you spell TV?", "Are you a grandpa or an aunt?", "Why are my
boogers blue?" Who asked these funny questions? Kids in elementary
schools! They've ask these questions when I was their substitute teacher,
and that's one thing among many others that make substitute teaching so

Whenever I teach in a new classroom, I tell the kids that I believe that
substitute teaching is the most fun job in the world. And I believe it is: it's
never boring, it's challenging, and it's full of surprises. Plus, you get to make
an impact on kids' lives. This is my eleventh year of subbing so I've made a
career out of being a guest teacher.

When I was laid off from Engineering in the aerospace industry, I began
substitute teaching but I only had one day of training. Having no experience
teaching kids, if I had read an informative book like
Substitute Teaching:
The ABCs
, it would have helped me to be a better substitute teacher. This
80-page book takes readers step-by-step through the typical school day,
from arriving at the school's bus-filled parking lot to checking out of the
office at the end of the day. It has tricks of the trade, tips, suggestions, ideas,
advice, procedures, classroom management, and everything that a substitute
teacher needs to know, including Subfinder which may be how sub jobs are
found in your school district.

I've taught all grades from K-12, Math, History, Social Studies, Special Ed,
Spanish, PE, Art, Vocal Music, Library, Reading, Language Arts, JROTC,
Technology, Robotics, Science, Band, Resource, Deaf classes and ESOL
(English for speakers of other languages). I've also taught in classes with kids
who are gifted, autistic, have ADD, ADHD, ECD (early childhood
disabililty), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), bi-polar, dyslexic,
Asperger's Syndrome, MR (mentally retarded) and TMR (trainable mentally

Now that I've taught in 3 school districts, 63 schools for 4
33 teachers and
over 16,000 kids, I believe I can teach you how to be a successful substitute
teacher in
Substitute Teaching: The ABCs for only $3.00. You can buy my
book at Clickbank which accepts all major
credit cards and PayPal.
Immediately after payment, a page will appear with your credit card
verification number. Complete your order, download the file, and save it to
your hard drive under a name you can remember where you can read it in a
PDF format.

Substitute Teaching: The ABCs
How to be a
Successful Substitute Teacher

Ben Owen
Copyright 2006 by Ben Owen
All Rights Reserved
Substitute Teaching: The ABCs
How to be a Successful Substitute Teacher
Only $3.00!
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